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The Stacy Korn Fundraiser for ALS

Yesterday I visited my friend Stacy. To be blunt, she's dying. ALS is taking her. Most patients get five years from diagnosis, but Stacy spent a couple years not getting the right answer and failing with treatments for other things. I can't blame the doctors; they didn't want it to be this either.

Stacy seems to be getting her affairs in order. With her permission, I established The Stacy Korn Fund through the ALS Association's Community of Hope.

If you're a big geek like Stacy and our comics family, "hope" is such an important and weighted word. Stars Wars was later officially called "A New Hope" and many of their characters talk about hope for the rebellion to overthrow the Empire and make the universe safe for everyone. Stacy dedicated so much of her time to charitable work to making sure that other people had safety, security, and advocacy.

I hope you can join me in donating to The Stacy Fund at ALSA or spread the word or even sit and digest on these words for a while before taking any action. ALS sucks. I'm not going to sugar-coat it. I've watched my friend go from a traveling and vivacious woman who loved national parks like Yellowstone and the San Francisco Giants to a person in a recliner who can't move more than her thumb and lower her jaw. She hasn't been able to speak in months and that's just unfair. She hasn't been able to sit at a table and play Heroclix or greet her shop's customers to find out if they would like to read superheroes or noir comics.

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