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Elizabeth Amber-Love Delaney

B.S. (Communications)

Cortiva (Massage Therapy)
Romyoga (Yoga certification 2017)

Yin Levels I & II (Honor Yoga 2018-2019)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Palouse Mindfulness 2018)

Trauma Informed Yoga (Honor Yoga 2019)

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression (Honor Yoga 2019)

Aerial Yoga (Honor Yoga 2019)

I began practicing yoga in 2000 as way to grow spiritually while incorporating body movement. I learned some of the things important in my life's journey were yoga and I never knew it. Practicing postures and meditation are crucial foundations, but there's so much more to living the tantrik way. 

My goal is to share my knowledge basis with others while I continue to grow on my personal journey. This became my passion when I went to massage school. I knew that with my mental illnesses taking over my life and sabotaging chances at corporate jobs, I needed to find the best way to be part of life instead of an observer. I know what daily stress, anxiety, phobias, major depression, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain can do to a person. My wish for you is that you are not defined by an illness or with a label that doesn't make you joyous.

My instruction will always be welcoming and open to community members who are challenged by their bodies and expectations of others. I'm plus sized, middle-aged, and pre-menopausal. I'm concerned about the work and learning -- not how many social media followers I have. I don't subscribe to the mentality of "bikini bodies" or that yoga is somehow exclusive to people who can do the most difficult asanas. 

"In the United States, so dedicated to external beauty to the point of dysfunction, so completely absorbed in selling beauty at whatever cost, there seems to be no consciousness whatsoever of the beauty of sounds, music, and especially peace and quiet." -- Max Strom

Seeking Dharma

Community Service

Seeking Dharma Yoga is the name I've chosen for my yogic life's pursuits and the different elements of that. It is the name of my team where I give microloans to people around the world. Anyone can join my team and select whatever borrower they want. Microloans begin at $25 + fees. 

Why give such a small loan?

It might not seem much more than the price of two lunches here in the USA, but $25 can help people in other countries a great deal. This fact was eventually noticed by US politicians who saw that people gave small amounts under $50 in greater quantity. Instead of borrowers asking for full loans of thousands of dollars, they have a better chance at success borrowing these small amounts from multiple people. 

Dharma means "duty" but more specifically, it refers to having a duty in life with ethical purpose and moral guidelines. 

My yogic life is open to exploring different ways to making the world a better place. The microloans are one way. I also have a love for finding shelter pets safe forever homes. Finally, if it wasn't obvious, I want people to know that they can utilize yoga sutras in their daily living regardless of their age, ability, body type, sexuality, gender, or religion.

"The ego would rather be right than be happy." -- Christopher Hareesh Wallis

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