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At Home Yoga on a Budget

Updated: Mar 19, 2020


If you're doing your yoga at home and on a budget here are some things you might already around that can be used: -

  1. - pillows/cushions

  2. - blankets

  3. - scarves or neckties for use as a strap

  4. - thick books in place of blocks

  5. - if you can't subscribe to online services there a ton of free videos on YouTube or some services have free & premium options like https://www.doyogawithme.com/ (which has those Jennifer Piercy yoga nidra meditations I was raving about and they're also on Insight Timer).

  6. - Speaking of Insight Timer, I have several meditations and a dharma talk there for free with a tip jar option.

  7. - There's also TwitchTV which is a lot like YouTube only it began as THE place for sharing video gaming experiences. Since then it has grown with other activities like cooking, sewing, and some yoga or fitness training channels. GraceYoga is the one that came up first as a yoga-specific channel.

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